It’s me Ashok Pandit digital marketing expert. I am doing graduation on Computer Application plus interested in business. I am the content writer as well.

Well, that’s a brief introduction of mine. Now let’s talk about the reason behind having me, here. There are many reasons why I am here. The first is to make the Digital Marketing Expertbusiness owner aware of the digital marketing potential to grow the return on investment through the website. My experience of being digital marketer made me realize most business owner especially small entrepreneur have a misconception that digital marketing is not their cup of tea. They think it’s for the giant organization. To break this misconception I am here. The blog posts are useful for students of digital marketing as well.

According to hosting facts, “As at August 2017, there are 1.24 billion websites in the world”. There are 3.74 billion Internet users in the world as at March 2017. A typical website conversion rate is 2.35% which is very low. This is because out of 92 percent of efforts spent on acquiring targeted traffic to any website only 1 percentage is spent on influencing traffic to take the desired action on the website.

So, the challenge today every business entrepreneur and digital marketer are facing is to get the desired action on the website. We will be therefore talking about the causes and possible solution to the problem in the blog section.

Apart from this, we will be discussing tips, trends and everything related with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and overall digital marketing.

I am personally striving to provide real and true insight into every aspect of digital marketing to my readers. Your comments and feedback are crucial to me. Feel free to write your feedback to me. You can write your feedback by going to contact page. You can write the direct email to me via mustbedigital@gmail.com.