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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the paid marketing which you launch in the search engines to get your desired intention fulfilled, Search Engine Marketing is better known as Paid marketing or Paid per Click (PPC).

As you know there are billions of business online fighting to get a common goal. In this competitive scenario, it becomes so crucial for you to market your services online to achieve your goal.

Search Engine Marketing is proved to be the best alternative to promote goods and services online and reach out to the potential customer and get huge Return On Investment (ROI).

Search Engine Marketing together with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) could bring any business higher ranking in the search engine and success to any business easily.

SEO drives targeted traffic to any website whereas SEM marketing increases conversion rate. For more details how both SEO and SEM helps any business check my next article SEO vs SEM.

In this post, you will get to know about metrics and tools you need to use while running any paid marketing campaign. These tools and metrics help you determine whether or not Pay Per Click campaign initiated by you is successful.

1. Click Through Rate:

The number of actual clicks which drive traffic to your website from the links which appear in the search engine result page (SERP) is known as click-through rate. It is calculated by the total number of clicks from ad text divided by a total number of impressions.

Click through rate from advertisement links determines how useful the ad copy has been in driving traffic to your website. It also shows the relevance of the keyword you have used in your marketing campaign with the search term used by targeted traffic.

Higher click-through rate from ad copy shows you are getting success in your Pay Per Click campaign.

Click Through rate is shown by google analytics and google webmaster tools.

2. Conversion rate:

The percentage of the desired action which traffic take after landing on the website is known as conversion rate. Measured by dividing a total number of the desired action taken by traffic from ad copy with the total number of traffic to the website.

The main motive behind running the SEM marketing campaign is to have improved conversion rate. The higher conversion rate from paid marketing links shows the success of search marketing campaign.

Google analytics shows conversion rate of the search engine marketing.

3. Cost per Conversion:

How much price does it take to get one desired action? Cost per conversion is all about that. It should be always less than pay per click.

If the cost per conversion becomes higher than Pay Per Click than it would affect your Return On Investment causing you to suffer a loss.

It is calculated as total no of traffic to the website from advertisement links divided by total no of the desired action taken by traffic multiplied by the total cost of paid campaign.

This is also shown by google analytics.

4. ROI Killer Measurement:

Well, the most important metrics for Paid campaign is ROI killer measurement. The less it is the more successful your SEM marketing campaign would be.

ROI Killer shows the clicks from advertisement links which is useless. This could be controlled by proper use of the negative keywords in Adwords while setting up Search Engine Marketing campaign.

Negative keywords are search term which prevents your advertisement link from appearing search engine results page which is somewhat related to your business but is not useful to you.

5. Quality Score:

Quality Score is the score assigned by Google to the SEM marketing campaign to determine the success of your paid marketing campaign. These scores are assigned by Google on the basis of performances of the search quires which exactly matches your keywords.

The quality score of the keyword is assigned on a scale of 1-10 where 1 being poorest and 10 being excellent.

Quality score is determined by following factors;

  • Click through rate of your website.
  • The relevance of each keyword used to its ad group.
  • The relevance of landing page and its quality.
  • The history of your AdWords Account performance.
  • The relevance of ad text used.

No one knows which of the above factors contribute more to the quality score but you have to understand the more the quality score you gain the more successful is your SEM marketing campaign would be.

You can check the quality score of your SEM marketing campaign in your Google AdWords Account.

You can follw the stepps to see quality scores of keywords:

  • Sign in to Adwords account.
  • At the top ou’ll see Campagin, click on that.
  • Choose Keywords of which you wanted to see quality score.
  • Next to keyword there would appear white speech bubble click on thaat, you’d get quality score of the keyword.


SEM marketing is the greatest strength of every digital marketing campagain. It provides the opportunity to every digital marketer to put threads in front of customers who are motivated to take service offered by them at the precise moment they are ready to take service.

No, any other advertising medium can do this. This is why Pay per click advertising is proved to be the best marketing medium to grow business in digital marketing platform.

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